Pay table

The symbol combination of every winning reel on the slot machine possesses payouts display.

The payouts are ordered in a descending fashion, starting from the jackpot. They come then to the payouts of non-jackpot and then to the machines' lower payouts. The denomination of all five coins is listed by the pay tables. In this way the payouts of either 1 or 5 coin spins can by seen easily. They are displayed with an upturn according to the jackpot size for the player who wants to play 5 coins.

A player should have complete familiarization with the pay tables of his or her favorite machine to play slots game. Due to this familiarization it would be easier to know how to obtain benefits from the slot machines. In addition, a player will come out from the casino along with big amount in hands.

There are different names of pay tables, like pay schedule, payouts or payout schedule.