A company which is based in Toronto provides online software for casino which is easily downloadable. This company was established in 1995 and it has launched its earliest casino in 1996. This company is also famous because of providing first game which is played by several players in 1998. The players use to earn bonuses on behalf of their monthly deposits. They become also eligible to earn different prices and cash back facilities.

There is a club as well which provides cash back facilities and it is launched by Cryptologic Company. This company via virtue of this club awards a single point against $10 bet. In a blackjack of single-deck, the player is awarded with 0 point. For a VIP slot, almost 4.5 points are awarded and when the collective points become 100, they can be redeemed by getting $1.

Games provided

Baccarat: Remember to follow the standard rules along with the cards present in the eight decks. The house is provided as edge over the banker by 1.06%. The edge for the house is 1.24% on the players bet and 14.36% at the tie bet.

Blackjack: There are several blackjack games which are offered by Cryptologic Company. Following rules, however; are commonly found in all of these games.

  • Every hand is followed by shuffling of the cards.
  • The first two cards give the facility to play double.

Casino War: This is a special type of casino game in which six decks are placed for cards. The players are not provided with any bonus in case of tie. The house is provided with the edge of 2.8% if the tie is happened, however; the edge of the house is up to 3.70% on surrendering. The tie bet possesses the margin up to 18.65% as an edge of the house.

Pai Gow Poker: The rules for these games are conventional in which the dealer plays the role of a banker. The house on the other hand is provided with an edge of 2.86% with the assumption of standard play by the dealer and the player.

Roulette: There are three types of roulette games which are run by this company.

  • American Roulette: In this game if the ball comes on the double zero or zero, the half of the money is returned. The house is provided with the edge of 2.63% on every bet and the percentage of 5.26 on others.
  • European Roulette: In this game, the minimum applicable bet is $25. In this game the total money is lost if the ball comes in zero. The house is provided with the edge of 2.70% for all bets.